Health & Wellbeing

"Following my kidney transplant in November 2016, Danielle prepared a Healthy Eating Plan for me which was of huge help in building back up my energy levels.

After a complication following surgery, my Albumin levels had fallen significantly, which meant that I had concentrate on boosting many important nutrients in order to aid my recovery.

Danielle prepared a detailed 6 page Healthy Eating Plan, which was specifically designed to increase my energy intake. 

Her plan played a major role in aiding my recovery. It was full of detail and yet easy to read and allowed me to focus on the most important ingredients, as well as combinations of ingredients, amounts and what is best to eat at different times of the day. 

Her plan played a major part of my post-surgery rehabilitation and I am glad to say that I have now made a full recovery.

I still use her plan on a daily basis as it allows me to ensure that I continue to have a well balanced nutrient intake.

I would not hesitate to recommend Danielle to anyone else in a similar situation."